Verity Believes In Helping You Live Your Best Life!

To promote whole health in a truthful manner.

We do this by providing comprehensive and excellent medical services to families and people of all ages. Becoming a patient of our direct primary care office allows you to get or to stay healthy and happy, all while saving you money. Verity… It’s healthcare you can trust.

To thrive in a community where there are no barriers to wholesome food, physical fitness, sound rest, peace and love.

We strive to provide honest, affordable, proactive services to improve the health and vitality of our patients and our community.

Our Story

From concept to reality. Our goal is to provide direct primary care for all.


Meet Our Staff

Our trained staff of professionals are ready to help you on your continued journey of health and happiness.

Lori Carnsew MD
Lori Carnsew MDOwner/Medical Director
Dr. Carnsew has been a family
physician for over 20 years and is the founder of Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle. She has a Bachelor’s degree from Ohio State University in Electrical Engineering and she studied medicine at Wayne State in Detroit. She completed her Family Medicine training at Greenville Hospital in 2000 and obtained an additional Lifestyle Medicine Certification in 2016. She resides in Easley with her husband and 3 children.
Tina Moss, CMA CNWC
Tina Moss, CMA CNWCHealth Coach
Tina has always had an interest in health and wellness. She began her journey fifteen years ago as an herbal consultant. She then went on to obtain certification as a medical assistant and as a phlebotomist. Following that, she sought further training and became a Master Aromatherapist and a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach. She enjoys working with Dr. Carnsew to help people along their lifestyle journey and looks forward to working even closer with patients in the future as a Health Coach.

In her personal time, she enjoys spending time with her family. Tina has four grown children and eleven grandchildren.

Brandi Burns, CMA
Brandi Burns, CMAPhlebotomist
Brandi has an immense passion for the healthcare field. She finds it rewarding to have the opportunity to assist in care, provide an empathetic ear when needed and help guide patients to overcome obstacles. She first obtained an associate degree in Psychology, but wanted a more “hands on” approach to medicine and went back to school for a certification in medical assisting and phlebotomy. When she is not working or homeschooling her three children, she enjoys spending time with her family and their farm full of animals. Down time is spent reading on the front porch (with an entire pot of coffee), on outdoor family adventures or experimental cooking with her three mad scientists.

Dr. Carnsew and her staff of professionals are excellent. Not only are they changing the way medical care is provided, but they are changing my lifestyle to be healthier and live longer. It’s obvious their primary concern is my good health. Most doctors just seem to want to throw medicines at a problem. Dr. Carnsew’s concern is to fix the problem so you can come off your medicine. I can testify to that as I’ve been able to cut mine in half. The goal is to be completely off them and I believe through Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle help, I will do it.

Russell Brinson, Patient

My wife fell and sprained her wrist during the night. Dr Carnsew was able to see her on Saturday morning (not an open day). Checked her out in just a few minutes and expedited an X-ray. If you are not a Verity member already then you need seriously think about doing so!

Marcus Sanders, Patient

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