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With traditional doctors’ offices, you spend the majority of the time waiting and rarely see the same doctor. At Verity we prefer the old school way, just you and the doc! With the Direct Primary Care model we’ve implemented, you can contact your doctor directly, through whatever form is most convenient to you. All for an affordable rate, and on your time!

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Membership Benefits

We don’t just treat disease we try to prevent or even reverse it. Together we develop individualized healthcare goals and a care plan to help you live your fullest life!


Extensive training and experience in Family Medicine prepares our physicians to diagnose and treat the majority of health issues right here in our office. The most valuable aspect of Family Medicine is that your doctor knows you — your health history, your health risk factors, and which health goals are most important to you. She’ll explain the science in terms you can understand and for those issues that need specialty care, she will coordinate with your specialists to help manage your complete care. Verity allows a truthful, trusting relationship between patient and doctor.


Lifestyle Medicine involves recognizing and treating the underlying cause of disease in addition to prescribing medications or procedures. At Verity, we will try to identify and treat the root cause of your disease. You will have access to onsite group learning sessions on subjects such as healthy eating, cooking demonstrations, stress relief, musculoskeletal health and more.


Verity is designed to give the best possible service while not sacrificing the highest quality of care. You will have access to your doctor when you are sick, typically same day. You will be able to email and use other technology to keep in touch. Wait times will be minimized, understanding that your priority is to visit the doctor when needed, then get back to work, school… life.

Membership Includes

As a part of your Direct Primary Care membership we include the following at reduced or no cost to you!

  • All Office Visits

  • Well-Woman Care

  • Contraceptive Management

  • Well-Baby / Well-Child Care

  • Chronic Disease Management

  • Geriatric Care and End of Life Consultation

  • Discounts on Generic Medication

  • After Hours & Email Access to Physician

  • Spirometry

  • Physicals (Work, Sports, DOT)

  • Breathing Treatments

  • In-House Lab Testing

  • Dermatologic Exam & Removal of Simple Skin Lesions

  • Simple Aspiration / Injection of Joint (When Indicated)

  • Lifestyle Classes

  • Prompt Appointments and Response Times

  • Discounted Lab Work

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Dr. Carnsew and her staff of professionals are excellent. Not only are they changing the way medical care is provided, but they are changing my lifestyle to be healthier and live longer. It’s obvious their primary concern is my good health. Most doctors just seem to want to throw medicines at a problem. Dr. Carnsew’s concern is to fix the problem so you can come off your medicine. I can testify to that as I’ve been able to cut mine in half. The goal is to be completely off them and I believe through Verity Primary Medicine & Lifestyle help, I will do it.

Russell Brinson, Patient

My wife fell and sprained her wrist during the night. Dr Carnsew was able to see her on Saturday morning (not an open day). Checked her out in just a few minutes and expedited an X-ray. If you are not a Verity member already then you need seriously think about doing so!

Marcus Sanders, Patient

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